Criteria for Admission

1. New or early stage business. Some preference will be given to start up business or an early stage business especially in the incubator space.

2. A specific, and realistically viable business concept, and not simply a general goal to “own my own business.”

3. Completed Plan – Potential participants must prepare a business plan which contains, among other sections, executive summary, potential markets and size of market, growth potential and financial projections. Participants should be directly involved in the production of this important document.

4. Capital/Means of Support – A candidate for admission should have adequate capitalization to provide for six months of viable operation (to be outlined in the business plan); or if a very small operation, have sufficient means to cover office lease and personal living expenses for an extended period while business is growing.

5. Business suitable to operate in the “professional office environment” the facility affords, and does not require a large waiting area for customers or unattended children, or extensive parking needs.

6. Fit –Willingness to conduct business in an open, collaborative and cooperative fashion within the Mill with shared services and shared space.

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  • Please include your bio/resume with your application.